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Guiding Star This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Guiding Star».

Lloyd is an insane fanatic, banished from the ranks of Dawn's children a long time ago. Before the catastrophe, he was in charge of the development department at "Waderkvarn". Different rumours were circulating around the genius’ work: from the creation of a time machine and hovers to the use of mind transference technology. When Crossout began and the laws of morality fell, his mania only increased.

A lot of time has passed since Lloyd tricked the Engineers and acquired the Ravager technology. After that, the scientist disappeared into the Wasteland for a long time. It was rumored that he resided in the Ravagers Foothold area, and the Nomads saw him on the border near the Mortuary. But then he drew the attention of the Syndicate. Their scouting party tried to track him down, but Lloyd managed to slip away again. The failure of the "Dragons" forced the scientist to act. Soon a series of mysterious attacks swept through the Valley and its surroundings. According to the latest reports from Syndicate scouts, Lloyd has a whole army of sinister machines under his control.


  • Rewarded during event Guiding Star upon reaching level 49 (battle pass required).
  • Part of the following packs:
    • Customization pack "Fanatic Lloyd".