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Crossout disfigured many people, turned some into lunatics, and most simply died. Yet Duncan was lucky: he got good health and excellent reflexes. He decided that there is only one way to use this gift correctly: help those who are less fortunate than him. Therefore, Duncan joined the Engineers and wanders the Wasteland with them, trying to help anyone who turns to them.


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Access level: top.

The story of Explorer We-E about the engineer Duncan.

Our informants were drawn by the impossible rumours that the engineer Duncan had stopped ageing. It was entrusted to me to check this information.

I travelled a long time and once met the Nomads. One of them, a formidable old man, volunteered to go with me. He said he was going to deliver a sample of unusual ore to the Engineers. On the way, we were attacked, and the old man was wounded. The bandits were chased away by an Engineer patrol, but it was too late.

Duncan was among them — I suppose it's fate... He tried to help, but the old man did not have long.

— It's you... — the old man whispered suddenly, looking at Duncan with wide eyes. He didn't have time to say anything more. His heart stopped.

I decided that he was agitated by visions. Duncan closed the old man's eyes, pulled off his respirator — and suddenly he stopped, holding his breath. He looked like he saw a ghost.

Duncan immediately volunteered to help me bury my companion. While working, he was silent, but afterwards, while clearing clay from the shovel, he suddenly spoke to me:

— You're from the Order, aren't you?

Before that, my identity had never been so easily revealed. I decided to trust him because Engineers were not our enemies. Besides, Duncan had his secrets, and he would hardly have revealed mine.

— What if I am?

And Duncan told me everything. I ask the Order to respect the fact that not all of what I heard will be transferred to the archives. I was entrusted with personal secrets in exchange for information, and I will keep them secret, but I will tell the rest.

Crossout endowed Duncan with eternal youth. The sad irony is that the old man whom I led to the Engineers turned out to be his battle commander from the past before the disaster.

Now Duncan is looking for those like himself. Perhaps, he is afraid of the prospect of being alone one day. I gave my word that I would notify him if I found out something.

P. S. Duncan took the ore. It seems that its properties interested him.

Explorer We-E

The portrait “Duncan” is currently available to players.