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Duncan didn't have an enormous fortune inherited from his deceased parents, but he did have an enormously kind heart. Perhaps that's why Crossout didn't kill him or make him insane, but rather stopped his aging and granted him great health and excellent reflexes. Without a moment's hesitation, Duncan put all his energy into fighting the evil that was by then breeding in the Wasteland like in an incubator.

Over time Duncan became well known among the survivors, and one of the Valley's grateful residents gave him a duck mask, joking that all that was missing was a black cape and a hat. The newly-born superhero liked the mask so much that he became inseparable from it. And it was this mask that became a symbol of hope and justice for the survivors. After a while, Duncan acquired many followers, who made similar masks and helped survivors in trouble.

Now people of the Wasteland know that not all superheroes wear capes, but many of them definitely wear duck masks.


  • Rewarded to game volunteers for the length of service.