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Before Crossout Drake was an oriental archaeologist. The experience of surviving in the desert greatly helped him to settle in and comfortably exist on the scorched earth. He was always alone, sleeping under the open sky, but one day the wasteland consumed him: Drake became one of the Nomads. Despite this, he was treated well in the Valley, for he often helped survivors in need, causing misunderstanding among his fellow brothers.

When the world faced the Ravagers, Drake fought bravely, but was captured by the machines, where he lost his memory. The distraught former archaeologist was found by the raiders and became their slave until he was freed by an unknown survivor. Drake became the first test subject of scientist Lloyd, who managed to restore Drake's memory. But the process took its toll - Drake's memory returned, but his humanity did not. Ulysses, the leader of the Nomads, was happy about this and appointed him as his personal assistant. The Wasteland had put everything in its place again.


  • Unknown.


  • This portrait can be seen in raids and is designed to communicate with players.


Portal Drake

Access level: top.

An essay by Seeker Loom about Drake, one of the Nomad Commanders, and about the “contact” session.

I first noticed Drake in the southeast [data classified]. He led the Nomad ships to a camp in a nameless gorge.

It wasn't immediately obvious that the leader of the group was the very same Drake. He did not stand out at all. The guesses were confirmed when I heard a call to him at a comms session.

I was hoping to watch the camp and check the details. I managed to confirm that the Nomads were in contact with the Dawn's Children. This is important, but I have to report an incident deserving more attention from the organization.

It all happened in [data classified]. Drake was repairing the ship together with the engineers, when the process suddenly ground to a halt. All the Nomads, except for him, stood silently, with their heads thrown back. Then I heard an eerie sound, something between a whine and a whisper. People stood with their hands pressed against their bodies and muttered something, and Drake just kept flipping through the logbook!

I am sure that this was the so-called “contact”, a kind of connection with the leader for issuing instructions. I just did not understand why Drake did not receive orders.

The answer came at night on the very same day. I noticed that Drake was quietly leaving the camp with a small bag. He was heading for the edge of the gorge. On the plain, Drake had his own “contact”, but it was different from what I had previously seen. The wanderer stood looking at the sky, but his eyes shone — they literally glowed! Drake whispered something unintelligible, and then... it's as if I had lost track of time. When I woke up, there was no one around.

Drake returned in the morning. All covered in blood. Before reaching the camp, he took out the clean clothes, changed and put the other articles in the bag before entering. The next day, he worked as if nothing had happened.

I think now I can safely say that Drake is doing the dirty work for Ulysses — but why secretly from the rest?

I will keep watching,