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Sky Raiders This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Sky Raiders».

"Mate, I'm not just a friend of Stevo, I'm the soul and heart of the Ravens. Call me Corvus. Sounds proud and important, doesn't it? I don't remember where and when I was born, but from the very beginning my fate led me into the thick of power and intrigue, because my father was a successful trader.

I rarely had to get my hands dirty, as words became my weapon. And it's the ability to speak and think that I value most in people. Inthe Wasteland, where explosions are constantly rumbling and bullets are whistling, I move my figures without anybody noticing. You get it?

So remember, I am Corvus, I am the shadow of the Ravens. I am the one who whispers in the ear of the great ones. Know that it doesn't matter how many guns you've got and how thick your armour is. After all, in the Wasteland, the one who controls hearts and minds is in charge. And as long as I'm in the game, the Ravens will always fly high above all.

By the way, I have a rotor and a couple of parts for armoured aircraft lying around here. Are you interested?"