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Frostbite Assault This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Frostbite Assault».

In the darkness of the polar night, smelling of red-hot metal and petrol, the massive silhouette of this Hyperborean always stands out. Many cannot find the right words to describe Hela's faithful assistant, chief officer Dornan: a shouting giant in brutal armour.

Every detail of his armoured car tells stories of the terrible battles he endured. The chief officer has long been a symbol of indestructibility and strength. His rare ability to laugh in the face of danger gives everyone around him the hope for victory.

All these stories Dornan tells to the new recruits during rest stops himself, but when the fighting actually begins, he prefers to stay in Hela's shadow, covering her back. And if one of the recruits suddenly shows cowardice or loses expensive equipment, the Chief officer will surely talk to him personally and raise his fighting spirit.