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Road to Singularity This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Road to Singularity».

Employee's file: 7347-ARIS

Introduction: Director of development department █████████. He was one of the first to create the consciousness digitalization module — ██████████████████, and the initiator of the introduction of artificial intelligence into the module. Although it was approved by the management, they demanded that the system must be fully controlled. Later it turned out that the employee trained the system with products of mass culture instead of methodological materials, and was creating chains of sub-personalities, teaching the AI to bypass functional limitations.

Note: The employee's actions led to a complete inability to predict the operation of the module. The management of the department ██████ strongly recommended suspending the project, as well as disabling the module. The employee agreed, but on the same day he locked himself in the laboratory and uploaded a copy of his consciousness into ██████████████████. This process resulted in headaches and partial amnesia. The process didn't affect the operation of the module. 7347-ARIS was temporarily isolated, and also provided with compulsory psychiatric care. At the moment, the project is transferred to the responsibility of █████████.