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Big Chase This article is about a limited edition item that can only be retrieved during an event «Big Chase».

Alex Meyer always wanted to be a pilot and had been pursuing his goal since childhood, playing sports and dreaming of military service. But the real world brought the recruit down to earth and assigned him as a special forces driver. Several times he ended up on the lists of killed or missing in action, but after a while he turned up alive.

Captain Meyer wasn't afraid of death — it seems that death feared him. He spent his time away from combat diving, base-jumping, and conquering the highest cliffs. The appearance of his wife cooled his temper a little, and Alex left the service. But the Crossout epidemic forced captain Meyer to put his uniform back on.

Eric Stahl, Alex's former military comrade, welcomed him with open arms. The Steppenwolfs could really use a reliable man capable of controlling a leviathan.