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The military controls the Gates of the Valley

Access level: high.

Report of Seeker Ochre.

The huge canyon, which was named “Gates of the Valley” by the survivors, had always been considered a territory of neutrality, where one could not fear for one’s life. Even the raiders behaved peacefully when passing through this place.

But everything changed when the war between the Brotherhood and the Khaganate broke out in the Wasteland. Each side of the conflict wanted to fight for such a valuable strategic object, which made the canyon the site of the most intense battles. The military quickly took control of the area with the help of the carriers, but the ground was dominated by the Lunatics and Firestarters, attacking the Brotherhood forces through the numerous natural tunnels.

Soon the Khaganate sent its own aerial vehicles to the Gates of the Valley, thanks to which they were finally able to put up an equal fight against the Brotherhood. But after several major battles, it became clear that the military was too well entrenched in the canyon. And together with the Lunatics, the Firestarters had to retreat, taking their own parts and the parts of their enemies that could still be used in battles.