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The first success of the Brotherhood

Access level: high. Report of the Seeker Ochre.

One of the key objects in the confrontation between the Brotherhood and the Kaganate was “Air Harbor” - a production outpost of the Steppenwolfs in the Red Rocks, created on the basis of the former scientific complex of the Waderkvarn corporation. It is difficult to underestimate its importance for both sides of the conflict. The very location of the outpost allows the Brotherhood to launch quick strikes deep into the territory of the Kaganate. And the depths of the pre-Crossout laboratories contain both a lot of lost knowledge and an amazing amount of weapons and complex parts developed by the corporation's scientists. Thanks to them, the Brotherhood was able to assemble huge flying platforms, which could have become a decisive advantage in the war if a third party had not soon transferred the same technology to the Kaganate.

Despite the proximity to the Red Rocks, from where the priests of the Firestarters could easily summon countless bands of Lunatics, it was never possible to dislodge the military from the “Air Harbor”. The Wolfs grabbed this piece of land with a steely grip. Captain Hughes played an important role in this, as he managed to lead many survivors who tipped the scales in favor of the Brotherhood. It’s too early to talk about anyone’s victory in the war. But maintaining control over the Waderkvarn scientific complex will allow the military to continue studying the secrets of the corporation. And if Riley and the Dawn Children suddenly begin to express concern about this, then they will probably have to deal not with the cold-blooded Major Stahl, but with the much more intolerant Captain Hughes. Taking credit for the first victory, he quickly began to gain authority among the military.