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Portal Powerplant

Large cities had turned into mass graves, and for many years people were afraid to return to ruins, preferring to settle in more secluded places free from the past. But the desire to trade and enjoy the benefits of a lost civilization drew solitary survivors, and then whole gangs into these frightening places.

At one time, the power plant supplied cheap, though not very clean electricity, to a neighbouring city, a chemical plant, and many small villages. After the disaster, it remained a source of light and heat for the inhabitants of the Valley, but in the form of coal. And when its supplies dried up, it became a staging post for the brave survivors going to the Necropolis.

Today, the Central is a fairly large settlement, attracting treasure hunters, mercenaries and other rabble. The buildings and workshops of the old power plant are overgrown with dilapidated dwellings, built as far up from the ground as possible. After all, the place is often attacked by raiders, and at night there is also something worse, so people rarely settle here for a long time.