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Portal New dawn garage

The wind of change sweeps across the Wasteland, and the Engineers, best suited to the new conditions, followed its course.

The old shelter had long had difficulty accommodating new survivors, and Ivy XO's scouts had found a new one. It was hard to believe that no one had yet attacked this place — spacious hangars, working windmills, an open plain, giving an overview for many miles around. It was easy to live here, and it was safe.

Ivy found out the story of these walls by accident. A few yellowed pictures, locked in a corroded file box, and a couple of ruined diaries shed light on this place. The “New Dawn” farm once fed neighbouring towns but was empty long before Crossout. This happened after the public became aware of the crimes of the sect hiding here. The documents only had several pieces of information, but they were enough to help anyone understand — not all meat supplied by employees of “New Dawn” to the markets, was extracted from carcasses of animals. Ivy did not explain why she ordered the meat shop to be closed and blocked for visits.

Despite the dark secrets of this place, Ivy decided to help it find another story. The new Engineer base has become an oasis in the desert, a safe haven for those lost in the Wasteland and wandering in search of a new home.

If you have nowhere to go, if you are looking for peace, you will find it here.

Portal New dawn garage 2