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Portal El Diablo Gorge

Western Wasteland is a dangerous place. Heat, dust storms and regular raider attacks keep people under constant stress. But sometimes even the most hardened survivors need a break. And for this, they go to El Diablo Gorge to battle with the Leviathans.

This place used to be terrifying, but the Leviathan attacks stopped, and now the gorge attracts dozens of survivors seeking unusual entertainment almost every day. Talented engineers build giant metal monsters to send them to the "Invasion" games. And those who prefer battles, fight the mechanical monsters to prove their courage and make some coins.

In a couple of years since the first "Invasions", the gorge has become markedly settled. People hung flags in the area, fenced the action zone with metal gates: one of them lets out the brave survivors, the others serve for the Leviathans. Temporary dwellings were secured above the cliffs so that at least one of the spectators lived to the end of the "Invasion". Fans are lifted to the top by special cranes, and those confident enough climb the supports themselves.

Viewers come from all over the Valley. The room can be rented for a certain time, just like they rented a hotel room in the old days, and you can hang out for a couple of days with friends. The business is in demand, and the places inside the arena are the most expensive.