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Portal Cursed mines

Once there was a huge mining complex, which was built on a grand scale in the hope of extracting super profits from rich deposits. But either the geo-prospecting was not carried out thoroughly enough, or the kickbacks are to blame. In general, all the fossils were developed before the disaster, and heavy equipment and buildings were abandoned. After all, in the old world it is often cheaper to throw a thing away than to dispose of ...

Today, the gorge is home, training ground and hunting ground for hundreds of raiders who settled in old mines. After all, it is through this area that the shortest trade route between the Valley and the western Kaganat runs.

Of course, there are islands of peace here, fortified areas protected from attacks, but they, no, no, change their masters. And there is always the risk of being shot in the back by someone who just helped you change a wheel.

So the drivers who have to go this way are cursing, these Devilish mines with their last words.