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Portal Central stadium

Scar AB traveled a lot around the world, visited its most remote corners and saw enough. Now he calmed down a bit, settled down and started collecting.

The success of the Rat King and his Arena pushed the leader of the faction into action. A lot of fans, glory throughout the Wasteland - this was to the liking of Bey Skara. And he wanted the same, and more importantly, he could do the same. However, a collector and a wealthy inhabitant of the world of Crossout is capable of more than arranging another meat grinder arena with groans of the dying and smoked debris.

No angry loners - just a team game. No killing - let's leave the notorious violence to the Rat King and his talking monkeys, serious guys play by serious rules. And let everything be of solid size: a huge field and a huge ball, assembled from steel strips and reinforcing rods. Excitement and intensity of passions - as in the best days of the old world! This year, the Scavengers will play the role of hospitable hosts and open the doors of their base to those they already call athletes. Everyone will be able to assemble a team and try to drive a huge ball into the opponent's goal, taking part in the Wasteland's new entertainment - football.

Evening Central Stadium[]

Portal Central stadium 02

Summer is the calm time in the Valley. The Knechte are long gone, still looking for their Flanders, the Tankman and Mitchell have had enough war, and the survivors need entertainment again. Scar AB understands more than anyone else that a person left to himself is more dangerous than any natural disaster, and something has to be done quickly to appease the survivors.

Fortunately, everything was already at hand! The Valley's inhabitants loved last year's Steel Championship, and Scar, without thinking twice, announced another second season. Patch up the old ball, paint the Arena, call the permanent commentator Hector — and you can start the tournament! This summer was especially hot in the Valley, so the decided to hold matches in the evenings: it's more convenient for athletes and spectators alike.