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Battle for the Sanctuary

Access Level: High.

Report of Seeker Ochre.

The Sanctuary, formerly owned by the Syndicate, became one of the recent major battlefields between the Brotherhood and the Khaganate was. The military forces initially failed to drive the dragons out of their fortresses in the mountains. In the first skirmishes, they lost numerous armoured aircraft, as well as several flying platforms. Only after deploying mercenary forces from among the survivors, who turned the Sanctuary into a real battlefield, the Syndicate was forced to abandon their positions. However, according to information we have, they managed to evacuate the majority of their weapons and technology.

This large-scale battle drew the attention of the Khaganate. Soon, their units, led by the Firestarters, reached the mountain shelter, which was already covered with debris. There, they managed to seize the remnants of the destroyed military equipment and the air defence systems of the dragons, although most of it was taken by the informants of the Ravens. By taking advantage of the general chaos, some of the Lunatics even managed to infiltrate the Sanctuary itself. But they were unable to push out the Brotherhood, still supported by the survivors from the Valley. For the time being, the military forces retain control of the area, now of questionable value and constantly requiring new sacrifices to maintain control. From the looks of it, the real winners in this war will be those who were not involved in it.