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Valley expedition diary Entry 528

In the mountains, the spring is particularly bright and invites you to stay among the rocks. The snowfall can be replaced by a scorching sun in an instant, melting the snow and warming the ephemeral flowers. The freshness of the spring mountain air seems to be felt even inside the rover, despite the climate control system. As I got out of the car and went down to the stream to fetch some water, my orange “Polar Explorer” glowed in the background of the mountain range. It looked like a spaceship amidst the unspoiled nature of an uninhabited planet. But harsh weather makes you keep going further.

A huge blue cloud is moving behind me just where I can descend from the pass towards the Valley. At any other time, I would definitely stop to measure pressure, temperature and air density, but I had to leave almost all measuring instruments back home. On this expedition, the only company I have is “Astraeus”: a pulse accelerator assembled from my wife’s favourite telescope, junk from the garage and a couple of solar panels. It doesn’t look very reliable, but it’s intimidating. I hope I’m not going to have to use it. I’m afraid it might kill somebody. I can also try to fix the telescope.

I haven’t been able to find out where my keeper of the North has disappeared to, which means I don’t know who I’m going to encounter. I wasn’t able to locate the cave where we had stopped for the night. And if I did, by this time the snow would definitely have covered all the traces. Lisa didn’t return home either. God. I hope she’s alive. Yes, she’s definitely alive. This woman has spent her whole life among the snow and frost. She’ll outlive me too. What did we find in that cave? I swear I’ve heard engine sounds through my sleep. Or was it an avalanche? But why did I come to my senses in the woods in a started up rover? Where do I look for you?

There’s Vilena, too. After all, her mother and I had never been on our expeditions for so long. She was so worried that she went to look for us in the Valley. With my rocket launchers. Good thing she left a note at least. Why did I even tell her about my past expeditions there? I would give anything not to go back to these people. I hope I find her before she meets all those madmen. And together we’ll find Lisa. The cloud is getting closer. Lightning flashes are already flickering in the rear-view mirrors and the sound of thunder can even be heard over the sound of the engine.

What awaits her there? Raiders? I’m sure they’re going to regret approaching her. Who else? The military or those pseudo-scientists with jet engines? Fanatics? Maybe the Mentor himself? I think that was the name of this delusional old man. How many people has he managed to brainwash already? He would’ve definitely heard about Vilena. People like him have ears everywhere. Is he still alive? How many moons ago was the last time I saw him? So many things have changed. If he only lays a finger on her!

The Valley is still a few days away. The main thing is to get down from the pass before this cloud catches up with me. Spring thunderstorms are always the most powerful and majestic ones. Of course they are! They need to awaken the nature. The downpour will be so strong that I can get stuck here for a long time. Liza, Vilena, God save you. I’m on my way.