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- Are you still alive?

You come to your senses. The body hurts, thoughts are confused, the taste of blood on the tongue. You try to speak, but nothing comes out: only painful wheezing comes out. You can hear the flask cap being unscrewed.


It gets better and you try to open your eyes.

Dusk. The twilight is cut by the headlights, in which the silhouette of a man is visible. He is a stocky man with a military helmet on his head. It can be seen that it is hung with pouches, a baggy backpack hangs on one shoulder.

- Well, you have been firmly attached, brother! Can you get up? - he holds out his hand to you. You grab onto it and rise. From a sharp rise in the eyes it darkens, but after a few seconds in an upright position and after a few deep spirits, you decide to open your eyes. The stranger's bright yellow eyes were not hidden behind a mask and seemed to glow unnaturally. “The roof must be going,” you thought.

- Concussion? The man asked. - Head punctured?

You touch the back of your head and you feel blood.

“Yes,” you say silently.

- Get into the tank, we will patch you up ... and your armored car will have to be abandoned, excuse me.

You turn around and take one last look at what's left of your armored car. To be honest, there is nothing to "throw": only a pile of debris remained, and how you managed to survive during the explosion is a mystery.

Stop. "Into the tank"?

You cover your eyes with your palm and realize that the survivor really has a tank behind his back: with a large turret cannon, caterpillars - everything is as it should be ...