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Chapter 2

One of the main lessons taught by history to humanity is that the birth of something great is sometimes less important than the fall.

Chroniclers of highly developed factions and scholars of the Order of the Fallen Star argue to the point of hoarseness about the reasons why the Engineers, as they were at the dawn of the new world, disappeared, changing military priorities, goals, and methods of warfare. The truth (or what is closest to it) is known only by gigantic steel faces, from the height of half-rotted buildings casting indifferent glances at the people swarming in the canyon. Faces know - only who will they tell? In addition, the steel giants have enough secrets. Unborn children of war, they were to become the fearsome faces of unthinkable battle fortresses. A whole group of scientists dreamed of reinforced bastions with the faces of iron gods crawling over the stones, like the tankers of the past - on water, and causing enemies to flee with one lifeless roar. Did not work out. The engineers working on the giants planned to overthrow Eva. The bottom line is clear.

But what happened to the Engineers? A split broke out in their ranks, unhappily due to a series of attacks by the united alliance of the remaining factions. Some of the people, those who did not want to accept defeat and retained a cruel dignity, went after Eva and took their old name - the Founders. The other Engineers retained their former name, but chose a new leader who determined their further path - the path of redemption. Their leader was Ivy XO, the Mentor's own daughter. As for her father, he retired to end intrigue and free himself from the past.

It is amazing that the Mentor, who completely disappeared from sight and gave up power, still continued to influence the fate of the world. Then no one knew that over the years he and Eva had accumulated too many unresolved conflicts. For some time, the mentor almost lost touch with reality, seeing nothing in front of her but conquering the world, and Eva could not decide on such a thing, without ensuring the protection of the precious rear - the family. It is even rumored that the cause of their quarrels was often the much more furious Maja. The girl willingly succumbed to the warlike moods of the Mentor, and Eva could not lose the best of her gunsmiths in some ordinary slaughter. The mother protected her hive, instilled the necessary thoughts in her children. Over time, all of them, even Maja, refused to leave with the second leader, but it is unlikely that the one who was dubbed "the Mentor's adopted daughter" forgot everything.

Of course, not everyone agrees with this version of the story. Someone says that the Mentor was seen at a private meeting with Scar AB, someone - that the former leader of the Mechanics is persuading Riley and the Children of Dawn to his side, someone - that his ambitious letters addressed to Ivy and sent after the split.

Truth is something that is not and will never be in history, and not at all because everyone has their own truth.

It's just that people are too disunited, and wars are much more interesting for them than the truth.