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< Server name: “West Block 81” Workstation “Arbitrium” neural monitoring system event log A neurocommunication chip activation protocol record is available. Text log attached. Access Level: Lieutenant >

Activation protocol SP-09873611

Date: 19.03.2051

Communicator Anthropomorphic subject N-1. Calls himself “Nomad” or “Lost”

Introductory information

Subject N-1 was delivered by a Hoguksin-02 Special Agent (personal name: Ichiro) on March 15, 2051 at 02:14. The capture was carried out during reconnaissance and combat operation in E6 quadrant. According to Hoguxin-02 agent, the subject belongs to the group of nomads that have resistance to the effects of geopathogenic zones.

Medical examinations revealed significant deviations in biological readings from normal parameters. Blood tests, tissue biopsies, and visceral scans indicate multiple pathologies, cell abnormalities and changes in the biochemical composition of fluids.

In particular, we have encountered the rarest epidermal mutation that has led to irreversible changes in the corneal layer of the skin. There is evidence to suggest that there has been a consolidation of the subject’s body with the equipment elements and it is impossible to separate them without causing damage. The same can be said about a mask similar in some aspects to a chitin shell, which is connected to the facial bones of the skull.

Special attention should be paid to the subject’s brain activity. After careful diagnosis, we recorded unusual neuronal activity, which may indicate exposure to previously unexplored stimuli.

The subject has been held in the Laboratory 214 for four days.

< Start of recording >

Interrogation engineer (hereinafter IE): For the protocol. We are in Laboratory 214, West Block 81. The procedure for inserting the Arbitrium chip into subject N-1 was successful. The subject is fixed on the test bench with safety harnesses. The tranquilizers will stop working in 10 minutes.

< Pause >

< Rustling. Buzzing throat sound >

IE: The subject regained consciousness. Involuntary limb contractions are visualized. Examining data on brain responses... Reactions are within acceptable limits. Hey, you! Look at me. Do you understand what you are?

< Non-articular wheezing >

IE: The level of pain irritation is adequate. Cognitive perception is not distorted. You don’t have to imitate agony. Your nerve impulses are totally fine. Though we still can’t recognize some signals... What is your name?

< Pause >

N-1: It doesn’t matter.

IE: I guess so. Your brain is curious material because of these anomalous fluctuations, but that’s not you whom we need. But Lloyd, the “Dawn’s Children” renegade. The syndicate demands a memory of the last interaction with him.

< Pause >

IE: Your interest is to do as you are ordered. We are connecting you to a neurotransmission processor. And if necessary, I can get any information myself. But you can choose a simple way. Describe the last time you spoke to Lloyd.

< Silence. Sound of intermittent breathing. Background beeping of readers >

IE: Right.

< Short electrical discharge. Squeezed scream. Fixing straps creaking >

IE: More?

< Pause >

N-1: It was after the meeting in the Sanctuary... Nomads know many paths in the Wasteland. I followed one of them, leaving the Valley far behind. But I turned back because of Lloyd.

IE: Why?

N-1: I went to places where Lloyd couldn’t get. He was there, at the border — hungry and heated. I turned around so I wouldn’t be the target of his army. He’ll never see the Nomads in his service.

IE: What do you call an army? Lloyd is not alone anymore?

N-1: No. He’s the father of monsters now. His children work day and night, for he himself knows no rest.

IE: Where is he going to go?

< Pause >

< Short electrical discharge. A muffled growling >

IE: Where?

N-1: To a forgotten place. Where only the Lost can come back from.

IE: Why?

< Pause. Monotonous equipment beeps varying in tempo and frequency >

IE: I’m picking up an unidentified electrical wave. Devices are notifying about an increase in body temperature and muscle tone. Respond! I understand if you lie.

N-1: To find the cradle of a broken god.

< Pause >

IE: Show me this place.

N-1: You must not know about it.

IE: I’m not in the mood to ask again.

N-1: Leave me alone!

< A wrestling noise, the sound of a broken belt whipping against the stand with force. Long electrical discharge. Stunning scream turning into wheezing >

IE: For the protocol. The subject showed resistance and was neutralized. Activating interface for direct brain connection. Subject N-1 has visually observed paralysis. Readers record pain shock.

< Pause >

IE: Transmitting information about the geodetic segment in the subjective perception of N-1... I am in an abandoned area with scarce vegetation. There is a blurry silhouette of the building ahead, I am walking towards it on a tuberous ground. I can see the corpses of birds and small animals without obvious injuries and signs of decomposition. There is a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide in the air. I can feel my breathing and heartbeat slowing down... I’m standing at the entrance to the industrial premises, possibly a machine hall. My chest vibrates, the vision is distorted. A source of technogenic noise is located behind the doors. A jet engine or a turbine… No, I can’t go in, it’s too hard…

< Heavy sigh and creaking of rotating chair >

IE: Duty technicians, locate the object and return the subject to the cell. That is all for today.

< End of recording >

Service note

On the eighth day of the subject N-1’s detention, an explosion occurred in Laboratory 214. The detonation source is not established. Surviving surveillance footage recorded the start of the operation to separate the ingrown outfit from N-1’s body. In the last minutes before the incident, laboratory staff try to remove the subject’s mask, after which the laboratory equipment fails. None of those present in the laboratory, including subject N-1, survived.

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