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Neon dragon Part 1 Awakening

Ivy XO ran her hand over the scratches on the “Arrow’s” hood. The old car began to fumble again, as if anticipating something bad. The engineer turned on the lift, and the car slowly began to rise.

— Check the camshaft, chain tensioner and the crankshaft oil seals. Replace them if necessary. It has to be done tomorrow, — Ivy ordered. — And don’t forget to pump the brakes, I don’t need surprises on the turns.

The radio crackled in the pocket.

— Mother hen, this is nest, respond. Come in.

— You are a mother hen, Foxy, — Ivy managed to suppress a smile. — What is it?

— Looks like we have guests. There are ten cars. I can’t identify them. They look kind of... — Foxy hesitated for a moment. — strange...

— Strange, huh, — Ivy took a fleeting glance at the raised car and frowned. — Set the guard posts on high alert. Keep them in your sights, but don’t open fire without an order.

Ivy left the hangar. About twenty engineers had already gathered in front of the gates. They scattered around the covers and prepared their weapons, peering at the approaching motorcade.

The roar of the approaching armoured vehicles drowned out everything around them. For a moment it seemed that they weren’t going to slow down at all and would fly straight into the hangar gates. But at the last moment the cars stopped a few meters from the entrance. The engines died down. A tall man got out of the lead car.

— Holy transmission, he’s got a steering wheel on the right side! — of the engineers exclaimed.

— The steering wheel, yes! But look at his wheels, — another engineer responded. — Brother, if you came to do the alignment, then I’m afraid it’s too late for your car!

The humorist was supported by the loud laughter of those around him. The stranger stood with his legs wide apart and calmly looked at the laughing engineers.

— I came to speak with Mentor, — he said in an unexpectedly high voice.

The laughter died down instantly.

— With whom? — the clicks of the gun bolts were heard from behind the covers.

— This is Engineer base. I came to speak with Mentor, — the stranger calmly repeated. Where is he?

The question drowned in tense silence.

— Calm down guys, — Ivy stepped forward and stood in front of the stranger. — Yes, we are Engineers and this is our base, but the Mentor is no longer with us. I am his daughter, Ivy XO. Now tell me who you are and why are you looking for him?

The intruder gave Ivy a condescending gaze.

— A daughter, then. My name is Skyblade. We are the Syndicate. We have been helping the Mentor a long time, now you must help us find Ravager core. We know that your man saw it. You give us coordinates — we destroy this evil.

— The Ravagers have brought a lot of grief to the Valley, — Ivy narrowed her eyes in disbelief. — But now we have put this technology at our service.

Skyblade chuckled.

— The fool is stroking the tiger and thinks he has tamed the beast. He will be eaten soon. You do not look like fool, Mentor’s daughter.

Nodules played behind Ivy’s mask and her gaze was fixed on the stranger. Several long, ringing seconds passed. And then she raised the radio to her lips.

— Foxy, get out of your “nest”. We need to talk.

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