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I worked on this section longer than others. I think you understand very well why. What can a simple secretary know about weapons if the number of skirmishes with his participation barely exceeds the number of fingers of both hands?

In fact, we know more than one might think. The Order of the Fallen Star was not originally a military organization. It was founded by a group of chroniclers interested in preserving the history of a bygone world and recording the events of a new one. The wastelands were hostile, so we had to adapt. To this end, the Seekers conduct regular monitoring of the weapons of more ... belligerent factions. Secretaries distribute the received data and get acquainted with them depending on their level of access. Violation of secrecy within the Order is condemned, therefore, of course, we do not do that.

The most valuable information comes from two types of Seekers - experienced and desperate. The former, such as Ocher and Lum, deliver monumental amounts of data to keep us from being trailed in the technological race. Desperate people like Grigio and Miracle either find nothing or transmit information that instantly receives the highest level of secrecy. Many secretaries, who have proven their usefulness, become Seekers in the future, and they are encouraged by the desire to look behind the cherished plate "access level: highest".

The described case is funny, but in fact, the information received about the weapons is processed much more seriously. Also, an important role in obtaining data is played by a whole network of diplomatic agreements concluded on the basis of mutual benefit. I remember well the enthusiasm with which the leadership greeted the conclusion about the exchange of information between the Order and the Engineers - the first to agree. It sounds like no big deal now when we work with the Children of Dawn scientists, but the partnership was a huge breakthrough for the Order back then.

We observe and learn. On the Drivers' assembly machines, our machines are equipped with Lunatic engines and are overgrown with weapons according to the Brotherhood's blueprints. Those who think that peaceful data gatherers will allow themselves to smash their noses are in for a big disappointment!