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The noisy argument disturbed the Wasteland's sleep.

`` ... Making the clans cut each other's throats is not what the Engineers should do. Duncan's voice sounded more tired than usual. The guy was worried about those who did not care about the Mechanics, and it scratched Jones.

“Your kindness will go badly for us,” he grumbled. - The more will be neutralized in the process, the better, no?

"Jones ..." Duncan sighed heavily.

- What "Jones"?

- Not "neutralized". Killed.

- Is there a difference? Jones narrowed his eyes.

- Yes, and you know it! ..

A heavy sigh escaped Foxy's chest, but the debaters did not notice. Each of them was right in his own way, and she knew it, but she could not allow herself to break down on her comrades. Too often it ends badly.

Several years ago, a detachment of young Mechanics managed to quarrel on the way. Everyone said something that they would regret if they had time. Disconnected, they missed the ambush, and Foxy's close friend was killed in an unequal battle. The girl did not even have time to apologize to her.

- ... Duncan. Merciful Duncan, savior of all ... - Jones said loudly and in a chant.

- Enough! .. - Foxy shouted warningly. Her hand rested on the butt of the rifle.

The unspoken law of the Wasteland - if you see that someone is grabbing a cannon, but you don't want to kill him, slow down. The disputants counted the signal.

“None of us wants to get dirty with blood,” Jones said grimly. - But here you have to hit first.

“Not everyone is enemies, Jones.

- But they can become. And without resources, anyone will go against us. Not even Riley, ”Foxy said quietly, lifting her head and suddenly freezing. - Damn ... We are tearing each other's throats, and you look at what stars ...

Jones lifted his head and laughed.

- Like sugar crumbs.

“Maybe Duncan is right…” Foxy spoke up again after a short pause that allowed everyone to compose themselves. - We can be bastards or minimize losses ... And we can also offer a worthy reward. At least we will sleep well.

“I agree,” Duncan nodded. His shoulders sank relaxed. “Who knows, maybe there are our future allies among them.

- We'll see. - Smiling, Foxy got up and walked away from the fire, whispering: - Bunny, can you feel how the wind smells here? Freedom! ..

- Let's take a break and move forward. I'll watch, ”Duncan snapped, retreating to the car. Climbing onto the roof, the guy sat down more comfortably and closed his eyes.

Remnants of tension were drowned in the conversations before bed. At night, when his comrades fell asleep, Duncan silently waited for dawn, watching the flashes of anomalies dancing in the distance.

In the morning, a sunny copper saw off three combat vehicles, which lined the steppe with paths of dust. Duncan was checking the map as the common radio frequency came to life.

- Let's put on who will keep the first load? Foxy suggested. - We can promise a prize!

- What are we presenting? Jones responded immediately.

Duncan, who had noticed his box during the night, only smiled.

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