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Rabid Raiders. Chaos hounds. After the cataclysm, when human nature itself began to change, for many it was the strongest psychological blow that they could not bear. Throwing off the shackles of civilization, finding refuge in the animal part of their old nature, where the strong devours the weak, where the loners huddle in flocks under the leadership of the leaders, they rejected the concept of morality, completely submitting to the instincts of survival and reproduction.

They love everything that rumbles, explodes and accelerates quickly. They move on buggies, assembled from light structures, make shrapnel shotguns from old grenade launchers, rocket launchers, explosive spears.

It is curious that among the Lunatics, traces of a global change are least noticeable, which in an instant befell all of humanity. Even a change in eye color appears in them in a rather weak form. Their leaders, those who are saturated through and through with the animal essence, always have a native, human eye color. It is a pity that there is no one to carry out a full-fledged scientific study of this issue ...