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Portal Legend of the Tower

It is said that the first raiders who visited the Burial Ground and saw the Tower with their own eyes were the Black Bull Bill's gang. But it was not just that they penetrated the depths of the lost city. The gang followed in the footsteps left by Kelly Grace and her pink Cadillac. Ah, Kelly is the first beauty of the Wasteland. The gold of her curls. The shine of her eyes. The haughty beauty fled her settlement, and the Black Bull received a handful of coins to bring her back.

The footprints led his gang straight to the foot of the Tower. The girl entered her, and the Bull followed her with several friends. The remaining raiders were waiting for him at the foot for three days and three nights. But only one Bill returned from the Tower. His eyes were mad. The speeches are slurred.

According to him, the footprints led them to the center of the Tower to a steel vertical staircase that went straight to heaven. For a long time they climbed it. Everyone who walked with him broke loose and died. And only he, the Black Bull, was able to climb the flat top. The girl was not there. Only at the edge of the platform did he see a piece of the hem of the dress caught on the old reinforcement left over from the fence.

There, from the top of the Tower, Bill saw the city flooded with night lights. Streets full of cars and people. The world as it was before the disaster.

We do not know how much time he actually spent at the top and how he got down. According to him, an eternity has passed. They say that later he went into a hermit and for a long time lived alone on the edge of the Wasteland.