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A multipurpose vehicle is a lone wolf's friend. And somewhere in the Valley, a brilliant old engineer lives in the middle of a minefield. He created the “Huntsman” — the perfect cabin for a multipurpose car — but he wouldn't entrust the blueprint to just anyone.

Deafening beats of pulse in the temples.

A minefield, they said, just beyond the stream! There are still about forty meters to the stream, and the wheel of my car is already on a box of death, ready to explode.

— Another skull for the collection? — an old man's mocking voice came from above, somewhere from the embankment. To look out, I had to carefully move to the passenger seat.

A lean old man admired my position from a safe distance. He was sitting on the hood of his car and holding something in his hands.

—Come for the blueprint too? — He asked caustically.

— Yes.

— Who told you?

— Vicky.

— Chatterbox! I told her not to gab! “I won't tell anyone, Dado!”

— She didn't mean it. She gave the info in exchange for help.

— Oh, you!.. — The old man grunted and gently lowered a tiny mechanical dog to the ground. The simplest design — a box with wheels and something like a head on a flexible neck, but it looked funny.

— A lot of you here lately! Before you, there was another one recently, Nick Froost or Mick Frost... Where'd he come from?!

— No idea.

— Fine, — the old man drawled. — Rubik, shut down the tweeters!

The dog bot, obeying the host's command, quickly rolled down. Despite its appearance, his manoeuvrability was totally fine. The old man noticed that I was looking at his bot.

— Like the dog? Rubik. Aleph made it for me. A smart guy, not like you!... Got any cash with you?

— Yes.

— And tea?

— Yes, as Vicki said — black, in discs!

— Alright, — the old man murmured, getting kinder. — Since Vicky mentioned the tea, you can come through. Rubik will make a corridor for you, pass through, and I'll give you the blueprint. But you can only call the cabin “Huntsman”, understand? It's gonna do the rest itself — protect you and find the way!

Currently, the “Huntsman” cabin can be obtained by participating in the “Get the Cabin” mission or purchased in packs or on the market from players.