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Portal Humpback 01

Getting a blueprint from the Steppenwolves after earning trust is a rare piece of luck, no less than a chance to work in their marching workshop. And these rogue soldiers have a special attitude to the cabin "Hunchback".

I was quickly led into the workshop. The pock-faced technician nodded toward the machines and several vaults of parts.

- This is where you will work, everything you need is here, and even a couple of little things will be found. If you want to check what - there is a worker "Hunchback" standing there, one of ours drove in for repairs. You can take a look, but don't accidentally take something. The conversation with Elvina is short.

I nodded and walked towards the battered Hunchback. The technician went off somewhere in the direction of the warehouse.

Inside, the alien "Hunchback" turned out to be habitable - a rarity for combat cabins. Several reinforced boxes were welded to the walls, which probably contained personal belongings. One was broken, its contents were shoved back. Everything, except for the shabby voice recorder lying on the floor with the Volkov seal, the letter "E" and the mark "No. 67".

Mother said that curiosity killed the cat, but I was lucky. I brought the recorder to my ear and pressed the button. A soft female voice came from the dusty speaker:

- ... thirty six. There are no raiders in sight, but we are ready at any moment. These bastards are carrying people, you won't be able to cover the carpet.

The personnel are intact. I see Gunther higher on the cliff. Will let you know if the raidaks are noticed.

Tomasz interviews the newcomer. Salaga is not yet used to his new role. His own threw him out when his eyes twitched with glittering green. Nothing, boy, everyone is like that.

With the "Hunchback" I grew together faster than I thought. Yes, a big guy, but with a name like that, how can you not trust him? So many memories at once ... Sometimes I touch the dashboard, the steering wheel - and like a living shoulder under my fingers.

We remember you, friend. I hope that where you are now, you feel good, nourishing and you don't need to hide your face. You are long gone, and the Wastelands hear your name. We remember what you did for us and ...

I turned off the recorder and put it in the drawer. Enough of other people's sorrows, it's time to get down to work.