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Portal Fortress 1

Access Level: Intermediate

The story of the Seeker Grigio about the increased activity in the area — "Fortress".

The introduction:

The area called "Fortress" is the ruins of a stone castle on the hilly and mountainous terrain. It is said that earlier, after Crossout, the castle was still intact, but while approaching it, people felt unpleasant symptoms: they experienced dizziness and headaches (data have not been verified). Because of that, the place was not popular. Nevertheless, two adolescent brothers: Ash and Ulysses (now the leader of the "Nomads") settled there later. Apparently, the negative effects of the place did not concern children and teenagers.

The brothers grew up and organized a gang with headquarters in a castle. They caused a lot of trouble because there was no difference for them whom to rob: civilians, raiders, or merchants. Their fortress was impregnable and nobody could capture it even with a significantly superior number of people.

All this turned out that about 500 armored vehicles of angry survivors gathered at the walls of the fortress. The core of the group was formed from artillery, which turned the brother's fortifications into ruins. Then Ulysses and Ash retreated to the Cemetery and disappeared.

After a short time, survivors noticed that this area caused no more unpleasant symptoms, and people and groups slowly went there. Battles were fought over the area. But no one could capture it for a long time until the "Steppenwolves" appeared. They could occupy the territory and assert their rights to it due to their firepower. And the battles stopped for a while.

The current situation:

It seemed that the firm hand of the "Steppenwolves" brought peace to this place. And it was true for some time until the raiders noticed that a large number of supplies were actively moved out of the area. The scouts found out that the caravans of the "wolves" were filled with the old boxes with military markings. It was not possible to keep this secret for a long time and gangs again descended upon the fortress to make a hand of the military goods. That is why the area became a place of constant fighting again.

The explanation:

Apparently, there is one of the old arms dump with weapons, ammunition and equipment in the area. According to the documents, which were found in [data have been classified], such warehouses were found by armies of large states and military companies around the whole world. But because of Crossout the information about them was lost. It is assumed that the "Brotherhood" (organization included former high-ranking military officers) succeeded in finding out the coordinates of the warehouses (the number is unknown). The data about the storage was given to the controlled "Steppenwolves". The expected consequences:

The aggravation of the conflict in the Fortress`s area can cause destabilization of forces in the Valley. There is already a tense situation due to the invasion of the "Ravagers". Moreover, we already know that the caravans of the "Steppenwolves" were spotted in the Valley and beyond it with supplies from the arms dump. Obviously, this is known obviously not only to us, and soon the caravans may be attacked by raiders and/or mercenaries.