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When Khan began to unite numerous gangs, he was faced with the problem of ideological unity among the half-insane raiders. It was necessary to find something that everyone would fear more than death. Instead of inventing something new, he turned to witches, sorcerers and other psychics already existing in the mass consciousness (and reappearing in the Wasteland after the disaster).

He personally met with several of them and made each of them an offer that could not be refused. Thus, a caste began to form, responsible for the ideological study of the masses.

For several years, the number and quality of Shamans has increased. Now in each detachment there is at least one mobile hut, or a stupa, or a cauldron, or at least a crystal ball, with the help of which contact with the beyond is made. And control over the raiders.

And to ensure safety in the material world, each such car has an elite guard squad.

If you look closely, it is far from the fact that Shamans have some kind of supernatural abilities. But how do they know how to present themselves. Former actors, musicians, and even simple crooks with a bright appearance and sufficient courage make up the backbone of this faction.