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Comic series The postmen an Oldie

Just “Oldie” — that is how he presents himself to new people. His real name is unknown. However, no one really asked. At his 64, he appears to be older than his years, despite his remarkable health. Crossout spares no one.

After the disaster, Oldie lived in one of the settlements on the territory of the Engineers. He had his own little garage, where he repaired cars for a modest fee. He had been satisfied with his life. But everything changed after a trip to the neighboring settlement for new parts. A friend of Oldie asked him to give a letter to his daughter, who got married and lived in that village. The father was against this marriage and quarreled with his daughter. In this letter, he asked for forgiveness and hoped that she would allow him to visit her.

Upon arriving at the village, Oldie discovered that it had been attacked by a Ravager last night. In addition to the dead settlers, many of them were missing. His friend’s daughter was among them. This event had a deep impact on Oldie. He decided that he should help people stay in touch with each other in this cruel and hostile world. Oldie sold his garage, bought a used van with the money he received and went to travel between the settlements of the Valley, delivering parcels and mail.

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