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Portal Cerberus 01

There are legends about the grinning cockpit tearing the enemies of its owner like a dog. To get one, you need Red-hot - a fire-worshiper who has incinerated more than a dozen crazy souls.

The red-hot stood over the rough table and looked at me, grinning with chapped lips.

"Do you want Cerberus too?" Will you be strong enough to cope with it? This is not just a car, it is a bestial spirit molded into steel. Can you pull it?

I suddenly wanted to know the history of this cabin. Hearing my question, Red-hot laughed dryly.

- I'll tell you if you want. The more faith, the more fire there is in the world. It all happened a couple of years ago. My friend, Har, then established a friendship with one village. The metal craftsmen there gave him Cerberus. Haru immediately liked the car with this cab, he considered it almost alive. And everything would be fine, but the local raiders had their eyes on the masters of those. Pripereli, the rights stated. The guys fought them back. They fought wall to wall until one Khar survived.

After a pause, Red-hot sucked in air through clenched teeth.

- All the guys in Hara's detachment were his family. He could not leave them, and he blamed himself for not saving ... In general, Har stole their bodies along with the remains of the wheelbarrows, built a fire and burned them. And after that, he also remained to guard this business. A couple of days later, the friends of the raiders rolled up and the whole crowd rushed to Khara, wounded and climbed into the ashes, looking for a swag. And then, as Khar told me before his death, "Cerberus" and came to life. He stood all broken-down - and suddenly wound up! As if, of his own free will, he ran into the leader of the raiders and ground him with the bones! Then we arrived, but it was too late ... The Raiders were removed, Khara was escorted on his last journey, and I took the Cerberus. There was a spark of life in the metal now, it's a pity to throw it. I took it with me, I repaired the drawing, now I help the daredevils to make a new friend. For the owner "Cerberus" will tear both flesh and steel!

The red-hot looked into my eyes and smiled broadly.

- So what, you take it?

Currently, the Cerberus Cab can be purchased in the Pyro Bundle or in the Marketplace from players.