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Portal Of the founders 01

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Chapter 2

Mother finishes scanning the base when another of the Children enters the compartment. Protection lets him in - The Assistant is loved by the Mother, and she trusts him.

“The data is confirmed,” he says evenly, not taking his impenetrable gaze from the woman spread out in the chair. The mother feels how the pain in the chest covers even the aching pain in the spine.

The son really betrayed them.

The Lost One was cunning enough to hide his connection to the Engineers. Mother detected an unknown impulse in the System a few days ago and sent the Assistant to check. Faithful Child abandoned his own business - the development of military optics - and took up the investigation. The disappointing conclusions were more unpleasant than the System's failures whipping the Mother's spinal cord with a sparkling current.

- What do you charge? - the Assistant reminded about himself.

- Close the investigation and take on more important matters. - Mother did not recognize her own voice. - We will continue to advance to the Valley. It's time to remind the Mentor that he owes us.

“There was something else in the message from the Son,” the Assistant said thoughtfully. - He gave someone encrypted coordinates.

“I’ll deal with this,” Mother says with an effort, indicating that the conversation is over. The assistant unmistakably reads the message, nods and hides behind the door.

The system obediently accepts passwords, and powerful magnetic locks silently lock the Mother alone with the darkness. She turns on the cameras again. The central one shows the main hangar. There are many workers here, and they, like a swarm, patiently and harmoniously process cells with combat vehicles. The armored metal and the barrels shine like the chitin of the May beetles, which Mother was so afraid of in her childhood.

Daughter again and warehouse again. No one, except Mother, realizes that she is marking the site for the laboratory so that the Son has a place to turn around. Touching concern for my brother ... The daughter would have killed the one who found out. She never knew how to care and accept help herself. Even knowing this, the Assistant wants to protect her - while for some reason not hiding from the Mother information about the betrayal of the Son.

Affection is blind.

Mother does not immediately dare to look at the semi-dark laboratory, but does it - and regrets the next moment.

The traitor, whom she should execute, has buried himself in his blueprints again. Flexible support ideal for supporting a weakened spine. Her spine.

Mother turns off the camera.

There will be a fight tomorrow.

She will figure out the coordinates later.