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Portal Battle royale

The ruins of an industrial complex, which is not far from the highway in the Red Rocks, have long been known in the Wasteland. Dozens of buildings, mountains of twisted rusty iron, skeletons of mechanisms frozen forever - all this initially attracted the attention of survivors who hoped to profit from something useful. But almost everyone who went here disappeared without any trace.

Here the laws of nature were distorted, and the place became the center of sandstorms. Inattentive travelers instantly become victims of the deadly element. The weather anomaly propels sand and air to crazy speeds, acting like a piece of sandpaper. Vehicles caught in a storm live for several minutes before turning into trash.

But it was not anomalies and treasures of past eras that made this area truly famous. The fact is that it is here that the Royal Playground is located, the place for the bloody entertainment.

If someone tried to describe Kenneth the Rat King Parish in one phrase, most likely it would be something in the spirit: he creates controlled chaos. One of the most dangerous survivors, endowed with a sophisticated mind and strong intuition, he does not seek to be in the center of events. The greatest delight for the King is to create chaos and watch how it develops, drawing as many people as possible into a bloody mess. Battle Royale became the embodiment of Kenneth's philosophy of life, the intersection and embodiment of all his secret desires: together with his henchmen, he created the Playground, found the first people who wanted to participate in his crazy entertainment, and then took on the role of an observer and a gambling fan. His passion for creating and observing chaos is akin to pyromania - the task is not to burn as many lives as possible, but to see how it happens.

Around the "Battle Royale" immediately formed its own community with tote and gambling spectators - Kenneth did everything to enable as many spectators as possible to share with him the chaos that is happening on the Playground. And pretty quickly this entertainment became famous and popular in the Wasteland.

Several dozen desperate raiders are transferred to special buggies, which, according to rumors, were designed by the Rat King himself. These light vehicles do not carry any weapons - they are scattered in modules throughout the Site. The task of the participants: driving this transport, to survive the longest - only one of them can be the winner. The weather anomaly will not allow you to sit still and wait, randomly overwhelming the polygon with clouds of sand, lethal for everyone who gets into them. The roar of motors merges with the howl of the wind in the valley - there can be only one winner in this chaos.

Crazy technical solutions allow you to select and install modules for the buggy "on the fly" - which means that the configuration of each enemy is unknown and constantly changing. Participants in the battle have to rely solely on their instincts and luck, carefully monitor possible opponents and signs of a sandstorm, in order to receive the title of champion of the "Royal Battle". The best entertainment in the Wasteland for those who have gone so far in their own madness that the world around them seems boring. Come to the Rat King and tell your friends about Battle Royale! If, of course, you are lucky enough to get your feet out of here.

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