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Until that day, we wandered for years. They were looking for answers, routes, at least something that could lead to Flanders. During this time, we have seen many lost places. One of them, the most secret of all hideouts, was our last chance to escape.

When in the morning I was informed of the approaching threat, outnumbering us, I realized: we must not hesitate. For the first time, the bollards will retreat to save themselves.

- August, where are we? .. - Martin asked in a weak voice while I arranged for him in the car. Even now, on the verge of oblivion, he tried to keep upright.

- Trust me, Martin. Last time.

We abandoned the camp and set off, hoping to be faster than the Crows bringing us death.


- August, they're coming! - My walkie-talkie exploded with hiss and screams as soon as we entered the passage in the lowlands. - They are catching up!

I hated myself for what I ordered at that moment. The burden of this decision will not disappear, no matter how many winters change.

- Stop them! Divide, walk across the mouth of the river! We'll be back when we take Martin to the hideout!

The radio was silent for several seconds, each of which was beating with a pulse in my temples.

- Find Flanders, August. For all of us.

I heard the roar of engines, the screeching of wheel axles and the roar of rockets. The crows rushed after us in sparkling death and tore off pieces, still alive, devoured our comrades.

- August ... don't you dare ... - Martin muttered hoarsely. He managed to sit up, clinging to the straps with which I tied him to the seat. “We won't do that. Let's not leave them! ..

Flanders died, or maybe she was originally like that. A stillborn, radiant dream designed to brighten our agony. The latter I was ready to do for Martin too - it was not for nothing that there was always a sharp misericord in my boot.

I did not answer the leader - I have nothing to say to him. We managed to break away from our pursuers and slip through a secret path, an underground passage, to a shelter whose armor the Mandrake would not have taken.

Having found the control panel from memory, I entered the learned password. One hundred and fifty characters, several lines of letters and numbers.

I noticed that I had lost my helmet when the damp, stale air from the opening door stirred my hair. Martin, sitting in the car, was staring at the distant light of the tunnel exit and whispering something. Perhaps he prayed for those we lost.

The underground complex AL-iV0Nimueh has opened.

I turned around to instruct my comrades-in-arms to drive the cars into the hangar and help Martin. What I saw burned me - our leader, who slipped past all eyes, dragging his feet, walked to the exit.

Did you really want to reunite in Flanders with the fallen after all that we have done ?!

- Martin! ..

I managed to scream his name a second before the engines roared nearby, and the tunnel suddenly plunged into darkness.

A second later, flames flared up around us.