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Portal Zero

Access Level: Intermediate.

Audio recording AR-009, Seeker Stetson's report (hereinafter “S. Stetson”) to the Supreme Explorer D. (hereinafter referred to as “SED”) in the case of “Patient Zero” with a transcript.

S. Stetson: According to our data, Zero is an orphan, grew up in a shelter. He entered the Faculty of Mining Engineering, received a scholarship, then he worked as a foreman at subway construction sites. Had no run-ins with the law. At the age of 28, he met a girl, got married, a year later his daughter was born. Neither his wife nor the daughter lived to see Crossout. Two years before the disaster, the girl died of a brain tumour, and his wife was soon killed by a stroke.

SED: I would imagine it was a shock.

S. Stetson: It was indeed. A year later, Zero realized that he was losing control, and asked for help. Psychiatrists concluded that his deep depression had developed into Cotard delusion. Zero was convinced that he was carrying a virus, which led to the deaths of his wife and daughter. He later claimed that he was a living corpse and his body was decomposing and insisted that for some reason the doctors were hiding it. He was placed in a psychiatric hospital to stabilize his condition. The longer Zero was there, the more vehemently he insisted on the threat of the virus he carried, claiming that he was infected first, but others would soon get sick.

SED: So he lost his mind.

S. Stetson: Yes, but that's not all. The following data, in my opinion, are of the greatest interest.

About three months before crossout, patients who had been in contact with Zero began to die. A series of strange deaths drew the attention of scientists. Zero told them that he was the first infected, and now all people are in danger. He was included in a number of experimental programs, but they did not have time to start research because of crossout.

SED: The cause of which Zero considers to be himself.

S. Stetson: Judging by our data, yes. Right now we are trying to contact him.

SED: The Order has to study him. Oversee this one yourself, Stetson. I am waiting for a detailed report.