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Access level: basic.

From Explorer Ochre's data on peaceful groups. The story of Wanda's first meeting with her partner Bernát.

[Note: the story told by Bernát diverges from this at some points.}

I found Wanda on the roof, where she was eagerly eating something from a can. Despite the wary look, the girl quickly started talking. — It's strange to be with people like them, right? Going solo is easier, no one whines about how kewl this old world was! I can stand up for myself, the car is fast, so I worked by myself, lugged cargo or found stuff. And once I got a client, a crazy old demolitionist. And he absolutely had to find the blueprint of some cunning explosive contraption.

Licking her fingers, Wanda tossed the can from the roof, sat cross-legged, and continued the story.

— I found the blueprint in a cache, I was about to go back, when I suddenly turned around — and an armed thug stood at the entrance. I thought that he was hired by some freaks who don’t like me, and I didn't wait long. Bernát... he's heavy, so he was quickly exhausted. I knocked him out, tied him up and asked why he came. And he started talking about some settlers... Nonsense! Wanda laughed, as if remembering something good.

— As a result, we came to the old man, he paid with a good gun, as promised. A powerful baby, he made it himself. He even said: “Take care of her”. We parted, and then I thought about Bernát... You know, he is punchy, like this gun, but a fool is a fool! He'll be gone without a smart partner, but I know exactly how to survive. So I offered to work together, and he agreed. We found some friends... and here we are. Now I lead them, and we live fine!

After a pause, Wanda looked at me appraisingly.

— It doesn’t matter that Bernát and our guys are goofy, they are under my protection. If I hear that someone messes with them, “someone” is gonna get hurt!..

E. Ochre

The portrait “Wanda” is currently available to players.