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Portal Victor Pyrrhus


Victor Pyrrhus was at war every day. This happened even before the whole world plunged into an endless battle for survival. His battles took place in a comfortable office on the upper floors of the Waderkvarn Building. Pyrrhus was talented and, having inherited a share of financial investments from his uncle, quickly expanded his zone of influence. He boldly tackled difficult tasks, invented new methods of work, was not afraid of open conflicts and always came out the winner.

As well as work, Victor was fascinated only by machines. And the more deadly the technique turned out to be, the more it attracted his attention. Although they laughed at him behind his back, Victor personally participated in every test of armored vehicles and got behind the wheel of the most unusual prototypes.

During one of such tests, he was overtaken by an evil fate. A loose piece of casing fell from a great height and hit him on the neck, not protected by a helmet. Fortunately, a medical team was on duty at each test. After providing first aid, Victor was left for a couple of days in the local infirmary. Accidentally, but this is what saved him from the madness of the crossout that consumed the planet.

Of all those who were lucky enough to stay in the hangar, three more survived. And when its doors swung open, they were completely ready to play by the rules of the new world.

Victor adored armored vehicles even before the disaster, and the crisis awakened a talented mechanic in him. And the former financier, having several years in reserve and a warehouse of military equipment, became the chief engineer of the gang of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Now he spends his free time from armed clashes in the garage, listening to the blues and assembling armored vehicles for his.