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Was born in 2012.

The offender. Confession of a Steppenwolf

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Biography of Tomasz, now a Steppenwolf. Written according to him.

Those days are hard to talk about. When Crossout started, I was only fifteen years old, and life was not going well then.

My older brother was my whole family. I remember almost nothing about my parents, just… fragments. I knew from my brother that my mother and father always enjoyed a drink. Over time, alcohol became more important than us, and then we just ran away.

We lived on the street for a few years, and during that time my brother got very angry. At himself, at the world… even at me. Now I realize that he hardly needed me at all, but then I did not understand, and I was bitter. But my brother did not abandon me — and eventually dragged me into an incident, which led me here.

When the panic broke out, the brother and the group he was with decided to take a chance. There was such chaos that we almost succeeded.

We hijacked a private jet.

Brother said that the “damn rich” deserved it, that the state abandoned us. And I believed him — took up arms, pointed them at people. But he did not want to kill and he stuck to that, although the others fired without delay.

We, or rather, our brother and his men, were unlucky. The military got to us when one of the guys tried to take off. As for me…

At the last moment, I betrayed my brother, joined the soldiers. Saved the girl who was among the passengers. You already know what she's become, don't you?

My brother died. I still remember the second he looked at me before he was gone.

The military put everyone down. They wanted to take me down, too, but one of them stood up for me. Said he'd take me to the lieutenant, let him decide. Lieutenant chose to give me a chance. I don't think I'll ever be able to repay Ironhand that debt.

I was scum, but I was allowed to become a Steppenwolf. Now I want to give the same chance to those who have long been forgotten and abandoned.