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Portal Thermite

Access level: low.

Report of Seeker Ochre about a chance meeting with Thermite. Includes witness accounts (checked, confirmed — Archivist).

During the period [data classified] I studied the routes of trade caravans. As part of one of them, I arrived at something resembling a fair and witnessed all the events.

A group of young guns raced on a dangerous mound. One of the cars fell down and caught fire. Some fighters tried to help, but the cabin was stuck tight.

Thermite appeared unexpectedly, with a cutter in his hands and a translucent container with two gas cylinders on his back. He walked right into the fire and... just began to pull open the metal as if he was not afraid of an explosion.

The poor guy was dragged out, and after that, something else happened. The head of one of the caravans approached Thermite and handed him an open crate with unknown contents. The saviour shook his head and silently went deep into the fair as if nothing had happened.

— Did not take the reward. Just as I thought, —said the voice next to me. Two merchants in tattered clothes were discussing what they had seen.

— Usually, he'd fight for every little piece, but look at him, playing noble! Scavengers are suddenly good now?

— Nah, it's different. He got burned himself once, in a car. Doesn't care about fire now — he is always hot as if in a fever, he just ignores it. His eyes changed too. I saw him staring at the sun like it's nothing! That's probably why the Scavengers took him. He can probably crawl anywhere and make miracles with his cutter!

I will hand over the recorded information to the Order, and later I will send evidence/refutations.

PS I confirm that it was Thermite that created the formula of thermogel “A”. This thermogel fills his gas cylinders. It allows Thermite to use the cutter next to open fire without fear of a gas explosion.

S. Ochre