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Portal Snakes cradle Chapter 1 Surtr

The divination cup remained silent, and Surtr, who tried to hear even a fragment of the message in the murmur of coals, only sighed heavily. Recently, he has been tormented by painful dreams about the times when he was still a weak, helpless boy. Over and over again, Surtr woke up anxious and today he arrived at the secret sanctuary to talk to the flame — but it did not respond.

Without wishing to disturb the flame for longer, the firestarter left the cave and got behind the wheel, directing the car to the camp. Surtr hoped to find comfort at least in the roar of the wind struggling in vain with his speed, but the anxiety grew.

It only subsided in the camp, when instead of the stones scorched by the burning sun, Surtr was surrounded by tents decorated with bones, painted with red and orange paints.

Flame and spirit, intertwined together, create new souls.

A friend immediately came out to meet Surtr. Sliding a tense glance over the face of the firestarter, he said briefly:

— The Elder has arrived from the village, brother. He wants to see you.

Surtr, far from diplomacy and earthly affairs, was rarely disturbed by important people, especially the envoys of Odegon herself.

— …On my way.

Hastily reaching the tall tent towering in the centre of the camp with a sharpened peak, Surtr took the embroidered canopy and entered a small, incense-infested room. The Elder — a tall man with a long braid turned towards him.

— Sit down, Surtr. I have an important mission for you.

Having sat on a smooth carpet together with the Elder, Surtr, according to custom, placed his hands close to the fire in the hearth for a moment. Then the messenger spoke again:

— Messengers, who delivered disturbing news to Odegon have arrived from the village. She sent a stamp of consent with them and gave the order. You must accompany the messengers to the faithful and warn them of the hardships that lie ahead.

— Hardships? Is there a war coming?

— No, Surtr, but perhaps something much scarier. Talk to the messengers and try to become their friend as much as it's possible. The knowledge that they hold… you never know when they can be useful to us.

— I will do everything for children of fire, but… why me? I'm not much of a negotiator…

The Elder's lips were touched by a weak smile.

— You will see. Go on, then.

Surtr left the tent deep in thought and, not wishing to postpone the meeting, went to the parking lot, hoping to reflect on what had happened by that time. The firestarter could not understand why Odegon herself chose him for such an important task… but all the questions disappeared when the messengers themselves met him.

The moment Surtr saw their armour, his heart trembled with joy.

I swear you'll always be my brothers.

Without restraining the impulse, he laughed and threw his palm up in a happy greeting.