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An analysis of information about Spike, the scientist of the Dawn's Children carried out by the Seeker Grigio.

I've seen merciful dreamers among the “Dawn”, but Spike seemed different to me. At my disposal is his personal file from the last job and the old diary.

The laboratory's psychologist describes him as “a tough person who can trample anyone for the sake of his goals”. Spike was officially acknowledged for uncovering financial theft committed by one of the employees, but do not make any hasty conclusions.

“Ready for anything for a dream”.

His parents' old house was ransacked many years ago, but I managed to inspect his room. All his life Spike dreamed of space — I saw books, a stand from an expensive telescope. Incredible stacks with comics about aliens and brave explorers of space were everywhere. Any collector would probably give a fortune for them...

His dreams did not come true. In his diary (almost seven years before crossout), Spike writes about a fight, which emerged from a long-standing conflict with a former classmate. Spike described this person several times, without hiding his contempt for the “filthy little beggar”.

“Spinal compression fracture. Doctors say that I will have to forget not only about flights — most likely, I won't even be able to run. Because of that bastard, I lost everything, and they won't even punish him!”

Spike did not give up. In his room I found several medical cards. The date on the last one coincides with the day of him joining the laboratory associated with space programs. Spike hid the injury, although he worked in security.

Remember that employee who stole the funds? This employee is the same classmate who crippled Spike many years ago. Spike created a series of anonymous reports, initiated an inquiry, and his old enemy was dismissed in disgrace.

I am not claiming that the employee was clean... but what if Spike's “investigation” was mere revenge?

His dream came true. Crossout gave Spike new strength, allowed to join the “Dawn” — but I advise you to be careful with him.

Seeker Grigio