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Document BRRB-4 “Sharp Feather”, excerpts from the diary of the Seeker We-E, who was in captivity of the Lunatics.

Day 11

I spoke with the leader of the local Lunatics, Sharpfeather. He is cunning and cautious. Feather called me “pale-faced” yet I'm still alive because “The Vulture's Spirit believes the flight is not over yet”.

Feather answered my questions in the following manner: “Vulture is the keeper of Lunatics from Blood Rocks. He saved me from astone cage. In the shadow of the Vulture's wings, we live and die. All the pale-faced, encroaching on the lives of my people, will lose their scalps”.

Feather also said that he was waiting for a ransom for me from the Order. I Humbly hope that I will not be forgotten.

Day 15

Found a stamp on the bottom of the bowl — “Correctional facility 76”. I've seen stamps like this before.

Day 19

I asked the head of the Lunatics about the “stone cage”. To my amazement, he told me everything.

As I thought, in the past he was a prisoner, serving time for “blood of the pale-faced”. It was there that the Vulture appeared to him. He said that it was time for Sharpfeather to forget his old name, find faithful people and build a “Nest” for those who accept his law.

“I always knew that someone was guarding me. The Vulture pulled me out of the pale-face cage. I sharpened the feathers and thrust them into the hearts of my enemies with my own hands and the hands of my brothers. Afterwards, the Vulture showed us the way to the Blood Rocks and taught us who we are.”

Sharpfeather is definitely insane. Could it be that the bright image of the so-called “westerns”, seen by him in childhood, took a strange shape in his head and became a reality for the prisoner?...