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"Don't take off your mask!" - now everyone has been taught this from an early age. Not if you want to get infected with the crossout virus - put on protection if you are going to lean out of the house. Of course, there are very smart or painfully brave who are into this either he does not believe, or he is not at all afraid for his own skin. They don't recognize masks. He did not get infected then, which means he will carry it over now. Nonsense, they say. Nonsense nonsense, but if everything were so simple, I would have been sitting on a mountain of accumulators long ago and glowing. From happiness.

However, survivors are rumored, especially those who are brave and far beyond the limits of the Valley were chosen, that not only from the virus masks are needed. Ostensibly live far in the desert Lost. They have lost everything human, they even think not our way and flatly refuse to take off their masks. It's wonderful. So Shado did not believe in the tales of these Lost at first. He was young, poor. Take and tear off the mask of the Lost! And what was there further, no one from his group never remembered. We woke up - there was no one near.

A few days later, the Shado was stumbled upon by the Drifters in the middle of the desert. Exhausted, he cannot utter a word, and there is a mask on his face. Just like the one he ripped from the Lost. They say Ulysses then saw something in him, but did not even ask about what happened - he immediately took to your ministry.

I don’t know how it ended, and I won’t guess. Shado still seems to be He is listed next to Ulysses, guards the good and leads convoys. Wanderers are the only ones who have at least a little cope with the Lost and figured out what they are from we need. This does not happen often, but without people Ulysses would not have figured it out. And you don’t take off your mask if you are going to stick your head out of the house.

Shado: “The way of the samurai is the pursuit of death”[]

Seeker We-e’s report on an unexpected encounter with Shado.

Shado came to me himself when I spent the night by the fire writing my next report. The samurai silently walked out of the darkness and immediately declared that he had committed the bloodiest massacre in the history of the wasteland and wanted everyone to know about it. In response to my silence, he took out a sack covered with crimson spots from behind his back and threw it on the ground. The bloodied head of the old man rolled out of the bag at my feet.

“It's in your best interest, shark. You are the type of person who loves entertaining stories.

Shado sat down opposite of me, placed his katana in front of him, and continued.

- This is the head of one of my teachers, I cut it off with this sword. We were bound by an oath of allegiance. I am not a perjurer, survivor. Although your opinion does not bother me. You in the Order do not understand what it means to take an oath. Once this man saved Shado from death: when I was weak and young, the raiders destroyed my armoured car, and buried me in the sand. Accidentally bumping into a hand sticking out of the ground, my future master took me to his hangar and nursed me for many months. I was already dead, shark, I saw shadows - since then I have become a part of them.

The samurai took the severed head in his hands:

- Benkei - so he called himself. Master showed me the way of the warrior and taught me to follow it. But when I gave him an oath of allegiance, the master disappeared. For many years I wandered around the wasteland, but I remained a ronin - a samurai without a master. His disappearance was even associated with the Ravagers... Later I found my refuge with the nomads. We fought many glorious battles together until I learned that Benkei was alive.

The warrior sighed heavily, turned to the fire and added several large sticks there.

- He lost his memory, was very weak, but still conscious. It is not known where he was all this time, but the enemies did not forget Benkei. The Raiders found him exhausted in the wasteland and sold him to the Mud turtle clan - the owner once killed the brother of their leader, and he wanted revenge. These lowlifes humiliated the master, burning the skin with a red-hot iron, until my katana, emerging from the shadows, sent them to meet their ancestors. This clan no longer exists. Benkei was free, but his journey came to an end. He could not speak, and I handed him my tanto knife. The master sat down on his knees, and his eyes lit up with clarity, then he ripped his stomach open. At that moment I cut off Benkei’s head. We are both calm now. He went through so many hardships, but died happy. The samurai path, shark, is the pursuit for death.

Shado got to his feet and, slinging his sword to his belt, added:

- Only honor can save this cursed land.

At that moment, he threw the head of his teacher into the fire, where it immediately flared brightly. When the fire calmed down, the samurai had already disappeared into the shadows.

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