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Access Level: Intermediate.

Explorer Loom's note about a surprise encounter in the Wasteland.

My encounter with the Samurai took place far to the north of the Wasteland. I followed a group of Sentinels but stopped when they crossed the border of the safe region. I needed a rest, and I decided to accept a long-standing invitation of the locals.

When I arrived at the settlement, I noticed something strange. A small group of people led by the leader of the colony persistently offered a tightly packed bag to a person in a bright creepy mask. In the end, he agreed, took the bag, and then bowed to the leader and silently left. The leader, by the way, also bowed to him.

In the evening I asked the leader about the masked man, and here's what he told me.

“To meet this stranger is both a great success and a bad omen. Because of the mask and the long blade that he wears, he's called Samurai, but in the Wasteland, he is not looking for truth.

This guy is tracking down people, guided by strange statements — he says, demons with eyes like red maple leaves walk among us. I don’t know how he manages to look into everyone’s eyes, but he only kills the “demons” and fools who decide to attack him themselves.

The strange thing is that the eyes have changed for lots of folks, but the Samurai picks his targets. He may find a killer or a dangerous kidnapper. But he never lingers. He came to us in pursuit of... well, a bad person. Basically, he solved the problem.” Later, I checked the available information about the Samurai and those he was hunting for. The findings are amazing.

Samurai really does make no mistakes. There is a trail of blood behind him, but there were no ordinary settlers or travellers among his victims. Sometimes the name of the Samurai is used to scare thugs and other rabble.

PS As for the information about the features of his victims' eyes, I will study them and submit them in a separate report.

E. Loom

The portrait “Samurai” is currently unavailable to players.