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Portal Owl

Access level: low.

An unfinished report on Owl of Scavengers. Found in the hideout of Seeker Liberty.

The fame of Owl flies before her like a night bird. According to rumours, she is the best specialist in finding and selling rarities.

The information was shared with me by two merchants from a roving caravan. Both asked to leave their names out.

The first merchant's tale

“I heard a lot of things about Owl, and I saw how she helps others. You see, she thinks... not like us. Although her people serve the Brotherhood, she somehow stands apart.

Owl does not deal with everyone, she doesn't like Lunatics very much. She has... something like a code of honour. Provides for those who need help, even drops the prices. She would fit in with the Engineers, but it didn't work out.

And one more thing. If you want to find some forgotten treasury — go to Owl. She can find anything. With her glowing eyes, she can probably see through the earth!”

The second merchant's tale

“I can't say anything about Owl's favours, but I heard a bit about her past. If the rumours are true, she is the forest warden they mentioned in the papers before crossout. Wherever there was a search party or soldiers were looking for or old dugouts, she came to the rescue, even when she was small. She was just a little girl, yet instead of mushrooms in the woods, she carried cartridges in handfuls. She lived alone, on the outskirts, communicated with the locals and helped animals. She had a pet wolf, but not for long — it was shot by black diggers or poachers, the bastards...

And here's the weird thing — they all died. They fell into some sort of cellar or climbed into a forest bunker, and everyone died in a landmine explosion.

Everyone talked about it. Either Owl lured them herself, took revenge for the wolf, or the weapon, it seemed, decided to do so itself. The little girl loved weapons since childhood, collected everything, and then she needed help, so the weapon responded, came to the rescue...”

I will continue the search for information after the rains.

S. Liberty