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Portal Martin

Was born in 2030.

Knights Rider. Martin's story

Martin does not like to chat about his adventures, but the bollards sometimes share stories of the events on the road with the survivors. For example, there was such a story ...

... This time, alluring Flanders seemed as close as possible. The bollards heard rumors of a mountain pass leading into a secluded valley among the rocks. It is not easy to get there, because the pass straddled a real ancient castle, and the approaches were patrolled by the "Baron's squad". In the nearby lands there were rumors that the crossout did not affect the inhabitants of the Valley, that the water there was clean and tasty, and the land was fertile. It was said that people there live in peace and tranquility under the protection of the Baron and his soldiers. But getting there is not easy - the formidable lord of the castle carefully selected his subjects, and the price for access to his possessions was high. But since no one came back because of the Pass - perhaps life there really is as beautiful as they say about it?

After some time, the bollards were at the gates of this castle, and Martin held a speech to the Baron. The two leaders saw each other as equals, after which the army of Knechtes (Martin's retinue and himself) were asked to join the Baron in the castle. There the hospitable host offered to discuss the issue of access to his property. And in honor of the guests-knights they decided to declare a real feast.

Alcohol flowed like a river, the fun was gaining momentum, but at some point the Baron's people tried to pounce on Martin and his bodyguards. The Knechte leader expected this and forbade his people to drink, but ordered to keep the weapon ready. At the same moment, he gave a signal to the bollards who remained outside the gates of the castle, and a united volley of the Knights Riders hit the walls. The battle with the Baron was bloody, but fleeting. And in the morning Martin learned the terrible truth.

There were no knights in the castle. Cannibals were sitting in the castle. With tales of the valley and their formidable appearance, they lured survivors here, and then killed, robbing them to the bone. No mountain valley with springs and green trees existed - only a stone abyss with sheer walls, where the Baron threw the bones of his victims. The bollards took away the weapons of the lying knights, and Martin ordered to raze the nest of cannibals to the ground, so that even the memory of this damned place would not remain. Another rumor about Flanders turned out to be a lie, and the bollards went on, immediately deciding to sell part of the trophies.