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Seeker We-E’s investigation report on the culprits of the attack on the caravan near the Engineers’ camp.

Access level: highly classified.

- I was just a guard there, seeker. I was hired a few days before the attack, -says Jones - the only witness of that carnage.

- Did you know what exactly they were carrying?

- Parts, weapons. They didn’t talk about it, actually. But one of the cargoes was guarded by the most armored vehicles. Two in front and the same on the flank. I couldn’t understand what exactly was inside. I tried to get closer, but they almost opened fire at me.

- Who attacked the caravan and how? Can you identify anyone?

- You know they were raiders. Or those who are very similar to them. They acted too brutal. They attacked unexpectedly, immediately destroying the first vehicles and blocking the convoy. We didn’t stand a chance, seeker. When they killed everyone, they immediately moved to that cargo.

- There was an important artifact in that cargo, Jones. Do you understand that they only found you, the dead caravan men and the wreckage of armoured vehicles at the site of the massacre? How did you manage to survive that?

- I’m not finished. An artifact you say... I have had a thing for treasures for a long time. It’s a shame that it’s hard to find a hat in the Valley, - said the Mechanic with a grin. I tried to watch the truck until I got hit myself. My armoured car overturned on its side and caught fire. Maybe that’s why I managed to survive. But from that angle the cargo was perfectly visible to me. These guys took out a rather large box out of there: it was clear that it was well protected - it even had an energy shield. It’s strange that the raiders had the means to transport it. And then... I laid down and watched the raiders finish off the survivors - they didn’t want anyone to talk about them. They even collected the bodies of their own crew and took them away in armoured vehicles. Then I passed out.

- Maybe you will remember something else? Your story sounds too suspicious. Appeared out of nowhere, and you are the only one who survived the attack on the caravan.

Jones smiled and began to speak.

- You look like the detective my father told me about. The only thing missing is the pipe. I understand your doubts, but I have nothing more to say. Most likely, these were not raiders, but those who really wanted to look like them. Nobody knows where they came from or where they went. And I found my calling among the Engineers, seeker.


Not much is known about the artifact itself. According to the Dawn’s children, it was some kind of stone with enormous energy potential. With its help, it was possible to upgrade both the armoured vehicle itself and its weapon by multiple times. We can only hope that it was the Lunatics who attacked the caravan. We don’t know about raiders who could destroy armoured vehicles with one shot yet. Either they haven’t learned how to use it yet, or they’ve already sold it to someone else. Or maybe the stone destroyed them. But, if it was the Firestarters’ doing, we’ll hear about the artifact again. For now, we can only wait.

The portrait “Jones” is currently available to players. It can be obtained by completing tutorial challenges “Survivor’s path”.