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When Jones had just bought this armoured car, everyone thought he had lost his mind, telling him that the first pack of raiders would dismantle the car along with its driver. But the young man saw the car’s potential and knew that no one would dare raise a hand or a weapon against his new beloved one.

A few weeks in the garage and no one could laugh at Jones’ armoured car anymore. The effort he put into repairing Catalina has greatly transformed it. Now it has become not only his “faithful companion” but also his “reliable protector”.

One day an unbelievable thing happened: the armoured car came to life and took out the raiders on its own. No one in the Engineers camp believed Jones. Most likely the armoured car was stolen by some maniac, who then destroyed those bandits. But the main thing is that the car is still seen in the Valley. And “Furia” is usually the last thing that the gaping survivors get to see at all.