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An excerpt from the diary of Seeker We-E about Jack Frost and the gift of hope.

In December of this year, the Order decided to find out the plans of the Frost family in advance. Especially the older one, Jack. When the winter came, his trail was already surrounded with rumours. In a small settlement north of the Old Town, something strange was told: at night, explosions were heard from the forest, flashes of color flashed, and the wind brought pieces of red paper and ribbons from there.

From the snow-covered highway, I turned to a narrow gap between the trees, where I found craters from explosions and fallen trees. There was an engine noise coming from the thicket. The red truck, having knocked several trees down in its path, stopped in front of me and flashed its lights. A mighty whitebearded old man in red came out of the cabin, stretched out his arms wide, and stroked himself on the stomach. I’ve never seen Jack Frost so close before. Without shutting down the engine, I left the armoured vehicle as well.

- Jack Frost? I’m from the Order of the Seekers.

The whitebearded threw his gaze at me.

- Seeker? You can be useful to me. Let’s get into the cabin, it’s cold out here.

I doubted, but Frost laughed strangely while looking somewhere in the woods, patted me on the shoulder and opened the cabin. A man in a worn fire helmet was sitting there.

- Seeker, this is Henry. He is at war with Gronch, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. This time, we could use any help we can get.

Jack sighed and began to stroke his beard.

Henry found out that Gronch made a deal with the raiders - now they fight together. I’m too old for this, and my brother Bob went suspiciously quiet. I spent an entire year preparing gifts for the survivors. Everyone will get a smoldering coal if the truck is not protected.

Jack looked into the thicket.

- Raiders are close. I need help, Seeker.

- I can only spread the word. The Code forbids us to fight.

- Well, that’s great!

Jack hugged me tightly and immediately pushed me out of the car. The truck immediately turned around and fled, knocking down a couple more trees. On the way back, I stopped by the Engineers and forwarded them the words of Jack Frost - they were somewhat happy with the news and immediately began to prepare their weapons. For some reason, survivors love this winter holiday very much. Of course, the Frosts brought a lot of oddity and danger to our world, but they also brought hope. I'll help, Jack, I’ll tell everyone your story. You can’t deprive this cursed world of its last joy, even if it’s brought by a madman.