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Portal Ironhand

Major Eric Stahl. Leader

Born November 10, 1995.

As far back as he can remember, Eric has always served his homeland. When the world collapsed, he remained a soldier and, along with several senior officers, continued to serve the interim government. By and large, his life has not changed much. The charter remained the charter. And there will always be enemies.

As the years passed, the goals of the Brotherhood gradually changed, as did the attitude towards ordinary people. Eric realized that his ideals were increasingly at odds with the opinion of the command. He tried to spend as much time as possible in combat operations, where he did not spare himself or his subordinates. For his honesty and adherence to the charter, Eric has earned respect among the common soldiers and the growing distrust of the Headquarters.

His popularity was so high that, even after losing his arm, he was not dismissed from service, like any other imperfect man of the Brotherhood, but received a mechanical arm and the nickname Ironhand.

But when his scars and his eyes began to glow, Eric realized that he had spent too much time in the Wasteland and now it was time to go on the last campaign. He recruited the best fighters from those no longer accepted in the Headquarters, and went northwest to fight for new lands for the glory of the Brotherhood.